Christian Tech Center Ministries Awarded $7,500 Grant from AdventHealth


LONGWOOD, Florida (November 15, 2023) – Christian Tech Center Ministries, a non-profit organization which serves people in need with free tech services and computer equipment, has been awarded a $7,500 unrestricted funding grant from AdventHealth in recognition of how their programs bolster workforce development and access to care.

“As an extension of Christ’s healing ministry, AdventHealth is dedicated to helping people live a life of abundance and wholeness. Our commitment is rooted in our core organizational value, community well-being, which aims to improve the health and prosperity of the communities we serve,” said Jennifer Napier, community engagement manager at AdventHealth. “We are proud to partner with Christian Tech Center Ministries and appreciate the vital contributions you provide to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families who live, work and play in our community.”

“Having the support of AdventHealth is a big step to support the growing need of technology accessibility and improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens,” said Andre Klass, founder and executive director of Christian Tech Center Ministries. “We are excited that this is the start of an enduring partnership with one of the largest faith-driven care networks across Central Florida.”

Since launching in 2022, Christian Tech Center Ministries has already given away over 700 free computers to underprivileged families and other nonprofit organizations, and performed a large amount of complimentary repair services and technology workshops. It is anticipated that the organization will surpass 1000 computers in distributed in 2024.



Media Contact:

Andre Klass, Executive Director