One of our primary goals at Christian Tech Center is to get functional and capable personal computers into the homes of struggling individuals & families that may not otherwise be able to afford them due to a variety of situations or life circumstances. We also facilitate essential technology assistance for smaller nonprofits and service organizations which lack the needed resources to fulfill their critical care missions.

Christian Tech Center is the first ministry of its kind to launch a community computer redeployment program, which takes in systems that are discarded, donated, or surplused, brings them up to current technological standards, and gives them back out freely to bless those with the greatest need.

If you are in need of a computer for yourself or your family, please contact us at 407-545-8090, or visit our facility during operational hours.

Please take notice that due to high demand, we are currently enforcing a strict limit of one computer per household. For our approval process, unless we receive a referral coming directly from another nonprofit or social services organization, all prospective recipients are required to submit documentation to verify their hardship or situation of need.

If you are a client presently receiving services or case management from one of our interagency partners, a referral from them is preferable if you meet their eligibility requirements. Approval criteria may vary between organizations and is subject to the discretion of the organization’s peer specialist, care coordinator, or their supervisors, depending on the program. Christian Tech Center can not act against the decision of an organization’s designated representatives if they decline to approve you for services, especially if you are residing in an inpatient or residential facility. If the referring charity or organization has a policy that would restrict our access of information, it is your responsibility to sign a release with them authorizing us to receive the necessary essential information to authenticate your eligibility as a client of their organization.

If you operate a non-profit and would like to form a partnership to potentially refer your clients of need to receive services from Christian Tech Center, please call us at 407-545-8090 during standard operating hours.

We appreciate your understanding as we aim to help as many people as possible while maintaining a strong standard of stewardship.