We are able to help with a variety of repair needs for desktop and laptop computers. Error messages, crashing, and slowness are some of the most common types of symptoms that our service center can potentially resolve. All services start with a general evaluation and appropriate testing to determine if the problem or difficulty is being caused by either the software or hardware. Once diagnosed, corrective actions can be pursued.

While some issues can be resolved quickly, more intermediate problems may require leaving the computer for extended service. While our goal is to try getting you back up and running as soon as possible, completion times may vary due to high-demand and the technical depth of the repair. All computers are worked on in the order they are received.

Software services we can assist with include:

• Windows/macOS Updates
• Virus and Malicious Software Removal
• General Maintenance/Tune-Up
• Operating System Repair or Reinstallation
• Drivers and Functionality Issues
• Data Transfer or Backup
• Password Recovery/Reset

Hardware components we can often assist with diagnosing, replacing, or upgrading include:

• Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
• RAM/Memory Sticks
• Processor/Motherboard
• Graphics Cards
• Power Supply
• Laptop Batteries

These services are always 100% free for those of greatest need in our community. We also avail our services to the general public on a donation-supported basis.

*The ability of our team to perform certain repairs on some computers may be limited by proprietary designs or software configurations. Some models may not be serviceable if they are not technically feasible to repair, technologically obsolete, or the parts are unavailable. Payment may be required for the actual cost of ordering parts which are required to facilitate a repair. We can not service computers with physical damage, liquid spills, or insect infestation.